Thursday, May 19, 2011

Christmas in May?

It must be Christmas in May because I am on a roll with the gift making!


A sweet friend of mine has started taking yoga and so of course, I had to make her a yoga bag! I heart yoga so much and dream of the day when I can get there more often. Until then I am happy to create these handy bags to keep a yoga mat snug.


Although this friend (OK fine! It's Holly!) could make one of these herself, I still wanted her to have something special from me. She is one of the most giving and thoughtful people I know and she deserves 100 yoga bags!

When I get back from vacation I will be making some more of these yoga bags and listing them in the shop ($20). Use the email button on the side if you are interested in one and want to see some fabrics for a custom order.


  1. Shut up!! That's for ME??!!! Woo hoo I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to use it and give you a huge hug to say thank you! And, as always, the fabric combo ROCKS!!!