Monday, September 30, 2013

Thrift Store Corkboards Two Ways

My daughter needed a corkboard to hang above her new desk and I was lucky to come across two giant corkboards at my local thrift store last week.  They were both on sale, marked down to just $1.25! They needed a little TLC, for sure, so this is what I came up with:

I was lucky enough to find a piece of fabric in my stash that was just the right size to upholster the corkboard.  Using a staple gun, I stretched and attached the fabric to the back of the frame stapling the whole way around. 

 That's it!  It probably took me less than 15 minutes total to upholster it and hang it on the wall.

I had some left over chalkboard paint from a project I did at least 2 years ago.  I don't think I ever shared it with you, but you can see it here.  I took the corkboard outside and spray painted it with the chalkboard paint, letting it dry between coats.  Easy peasy!!  I added a typography Julia Child quote with chalk and hung it near my kitchen table:

I think it looks fab...except hubby keeps reading it as "People Who Eat People"...maybe I'm too subconsciously addicted to The Walking Dead!

Can you believe these two corkboards once looked like this?

(Disclaimer:  I fully realize that these are awful photos!  This is what happens when you are in a rush to document a project!)


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Ten Minute Teen Wolf {DIY Halloween Costume}

Last Halloween, my then 12-year-old son couldn't decide whether or not he wanted to dress up for trick-or-treating.  The truth is, he WANTED to dress up, but wasn't sure if other kids his age would be, as well.

On the morning of Halloween he finally decided he wanted to dress up regardless of what the other kids were doing.  Of course, that left me little time to come up with one of my totally awesome DIY costumes. ;)  He suggested dressing as a werewolf and here is what I came up with:

I had found some fur at the fabric store earlier in the month and picked up a remnant since he had been leaning toward werewolf IF he decided to dress up.  I cut the fur into wrist-sized rectangles and sewed on a small piece of elastic to the bottom so he could easily slip his hand through.

We threw together a flannel shirt, some jeans, and I used two shades of brown eyeliner and lip liner to draw fur on his face and give him a wolf's nose and bushy eyebrows.  I added a lot of gel to spike his hair and voila:  Ten Minute Teen Wolf!

Here he his posing with his sister, the Mad Haute Mad Hatter (which is quickly becoming one of my most popular posts thanks to Pinterest!)

So what is he going to be this year?  I hope I don't find out on Halloween morning again!  ;)


Sunday, September 22, 2013

Easy {DIY} Vintage Sewing Cabinet Makeover

The months of August and September have been crazy busy for me!  I thought for sure that when the kids were back to school that I would have SO MUCH TIME to get all of my housework, work-work, volunteer-work, and DIY fun-work done that I would be literally searching for something to do...WRONG!

Housework has been on hold, work-work has picked up, and volunteer-work comes in almost daily. This means that DIY fun-work gets squeezed in at all hours of the night while everyone is in bed and I am desperately trying to catch up with my "Mom-only" guilty pleasure shows (Mistresses, Devious Maids, Real Housewives of Miami...)

Here's my latest midnight project:

My Easy DIY Vintage Sewing Cabinet Makeover
My daughter has been asking for her own desk since school started, but she doesn't have a lot of space in her bedroom. As I was searching for a small table I could transform into a desk, I came across this vintage sewing cabinet at my local thrift.

These are a fairly common item at garage sales and thrift shops.  In fact, there were two different ones for sale on the day I found her.  Yep, it's a her....

She was marked at $35 because she came with a working sewing machine installed, still a pretty good deal, but I really just wanted the cabinet.  The tag showed that it was the 7th day since she had been put out for sale, so I asked the manager and he brought the price down to $20, machine and all.

This girl weighed a good 40 lbs, so even if I wanted to just tuck away the machine, I knew it would just be way too cumbersome to keep installed. I unscrewed the bolts and set the massively heavy machine aside for my upcoming charity yard sale.

As part of my search for a desk, I had come across a new (to me, at least) line of chalk paints at a local home goods consignment shop and I decided to try some out.

I fell in LOVE with this coral color called Gypsy by Vintage Market & Design Furniture Paint.  I coordinated it with some Annie Sloan Provence, used the Annie Sloan clear wax and left the hardware with its existing patina.  Not much work, but boy, what an update!

My daughter LOVES it, and it fits right into the little corner of her bedroom.  I'm still debating whether to hang a basket in the hole where the sewing machine was or to cover the hole completely with a thin piece of board, but for now she can do her homework in the comfort of her own room.

Adorable, right??  Now on to search for the perfect chair!


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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The One Question You Should Never Ask A Mom (especially me)

The number one question I've been asked since both of my kids have been in school is "What do you do all day?"  Whether it's meant to or not, it's by far the most offensive question you can ask a mother.  I've been asked the same question by everyone from my relatives to my girlfriends who work full-time outside of the home (and also have people who do their laundry and clean their house.)

So for those of you who question what I do all day, here's a little rundown:

I work from home during the week writing, creating and social media marketing for AquaSeventy6. I have a weekend job outside of the home, and during the week I blog and social media market for that job, as well. I also actively volunteer for a local charity.

Along with the above, every single weekday my alarm goes off at 6. I get the kids up, make breakfast, pack lunches, make sure they take their vitamins, that their teeth are brushed, hair is combed, that they have clean PE clothes and that they are wearing deodorant. I drive them both to their schools (it takes one hour to do both drop offs). 

I then run errands (groceries, bank, post office, pharmacy, etc.), do laundry, sweep, mop, dust, clean the bathrooms, and feed the dogs. I pick them up from school (another hour+ depending on car line), schedule and drive them to all medical and orthodontic appointments. I  help them with their homework, attend evening functions at school, attend meetings for work and for the charity, make sure the kids shower, have dinner and brush their teeth again  (although I pawn dinner off to my husband whenever possible).  I load the dishes, clean up the kitchen, and tuck the kids into bed.When I finally crawl into bed, hubby has been snoring for a good hour.

Are you tired, yet?  I am.  During the week, I rush out of the house without showering or eating breakfast. I'm a hot mess, to say the least. In the 5 short hours I have between drop-off and pick-up, I barely even have time to eat lunch. Then, instead of sleeping in on the weekends, I go to work.  I only take days off for special family events, which means I don't relax on those days, either.

I am with my kids every day over the summer, I am home with them any day they have off of school, and I am with them after school and all night long. 

Here I am on-the-go with my kiddos...what do I DO all day?  Hmf!

But even so, I still get asked "What do you do all day?"

When you work from home, it is assumed that you have time to chat on the phone all day or that it's no problem to do someone a favor (usually requiring a drive across town).

There are times, even when I am not sidetracked by phone calls or favors, that I simply can't get to it all and  leave the dishes for the next morning or unfolded laundry in a basket for a few days. Those are the things others see...not what we do, but what we couldn't get done.  That's not very fair, is it?

So, the next time you are curious as to what I (or most other moms, for that matter) "do all day", take a moment to re-read this article, or simply open your eyes, because I promise that if you ask, I won't have a very nice answer.