Friday, September 28, 2012

Working Through the Pain

Gosh...I don't know how to begin to tell you how sorry I am that I've been lagging on this blog.  I've been very busy with orders, which is so amazing.  I love, love, LOVE what I do!!

Unfortunately, I somehow aggravated my back injury on Monday (unloading the dishes, of all things) and I've been in excruciating pain ever since.  I can't tolerate pain killers other than basic ibuprofen or acetaminophen, so it's been a rough week.

How did I injure my back?  7 years ago my husband, kids and I were hit by a drunk driver who ran a red light.  Our SUV spun around and rolled over. I was driving.  By the grace of God we all walked away from the accident, but my back was never the same.

I go through this every few months...but this has been the longest I've been in pain...ever.  I think I may have to see a doctor soon. :(

I probably should have relaxed my back much more than I have this week.  After I finish this post, I promise I will go upstairs and stay in bed until Sunday.  Maybe my fairy Godmother will appear and do my laundry this weekend.

Here are some photos of what I worked on this week, pain and all...tell me what you think:

20" x 20" Chevron Throw Pillow
Elephant Karavan Applique Pillows
Scrappy Scarf Necklace

Boho Cuff Bracelet
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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Elephant Applique and Patchwork Throw Pillows

My friends and family are the inspiration for most of my projects, and I am so grateful to them!  It takes so much creativity just to figure out how to run a multifaceted business from home with kids on two different bus schedules, all the while having to plan dinner, do housework, worry about bills AND try to find a way to have a fulfilling life on a budget. It's no wonder my hair is falling out...seriously, it is.  I could make a wig out of what gets trapped in the shower drain!

Even so, nothing has fulfilled me creatively than creating items to share on AquaSeventy6.  So, thank you again!

The following project was inspired by some fabric I came across while mindlessly browsing the web.  It was so beautiful that I had to share it on my Facebook page.  Minutes later, my friend Natasha asked if I could use the fabric to make her some throw pillows....OF COURSE!

I ordered the fabric from a trusted shop on Etsy (small business supporting small business!) as well as some coordinating fabrics for the backside.  When the main fabric arrived, I decided to cut out the print and applique it on another fabric.....and here is what was born...

Isn't it beautiful?!

Here are both sides.  What you can't see is the zipper I added to each pillow so that my friend can toss the covers in the wash whenever she needs to.

I love this pillows so much, that I am planning to recreate them for myself...if I ever make time!  I hope you all enjoyed today's bit of eye candy! xx

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Featured on!

I am so excited to share that the Necktie Capia Pin that I shared a few weeks ago was featured on Disney Baby!

Check out the article!


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Coolest Goody Bags on the Block

I totally dig party planning!  When my son turned 1, I spent weeks creating center pieces, choosing the right menu, designing the perfect cake, and choosing just the right outfit for him to wear.  Over the years I've planned baby showers, baptisms, birthday parties and more.  It's just something I do for fun, but maybe one day I will take it to the next level.

One of my favorite things to work on for my kids' birthday parties were the goody bags.  I loved personalizing them and filling them theme specific treats. But, as my kids grew and started to go to parties themselves, I realized a lot of those toys and candies were soon forgotten, and most ended up in the trash. (You mean they don't actually write on a mini notepad with mini pencil?) What a waste of effort and money!

Recently, as I was making some of my sandwich-size mini wet bags, I thought of a great idea!  These would make perfect birthday party goody bags!  With all of the fabric selections available, they can be easily made to match almost any party theme. They can be filled with mini bags of goldfish, pretzels or other healthy treats, and the parents can reuse them later for snacks or in their lunchboxes. No more throwaways!  You can even personalize them with a little tag tied to the zipper!

Here are some super hero bags I made for my friend, which would make a perfect goody bags for a super hero themed birthday party:

My daughter's 7th birthday party was Pink Cowgirl themed...too bad I didn't have this fabric back then!

 Having a football themed party?  Even dads will love these bags!

Check out my Facebook page for more information on mini wet bags.  (Need 10 or more? Email me for special pricing!)

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