Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Week {Fabric Lanyard}

I made this fabric lanyard months ago and it traveled all the way with me to Rome where I gave it to my cousin who met us for a "business vacation".

I hadn't gotten around to making any more until another one of my cousins asked for a couple to give to her daughter's teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week.  OF COURSE!  What a great idea!  Being a former teacher herself, she knew that these would make fun AND useful gifts!

She chose the same fabric from my previous lanyard, and wanted them both identical.

The lanyards feature a swivel clasp.

They can be made in any length and any fabric.

I still haven't made one for myself, but now that I've been inspired....  :)

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  1. Yvette,
    These are really cute & not just for teachers ;)

  2. When my oldest started school in kindergardeni was a stay at home mom things were tight but it was important to stay home. At his first Christmas party I had no extra money to buy a gift so I made a handmade ornament for the teacher. When she was unwrapping all the gifts I thot oh no she is getting all these nice gifts and all I am giving is this stupid Lil ornament. I was getting emarassed. But the look on her face and her reaction was priceless. She had tears and was so proud you could tell. It taught me a valuable lesson. Its not the price u put into a gift but its the heart u put into a gift. From then on I did nothing but hand make simple things. Years later I have teachers tell me they still have their ornament